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Here, once again a variation of my looks unique & fresh. I hope you will like it too. PLease let me know if anything to improve in it. Looking forward to hear back soon. Best Regards

Kilpailutyö #81 kilpailussa I need a logo for a Bistrò which is call ‘ Sali & Scendi’ ( go up & down) and this place is in a street called ‘via della scala’ ( steps street) , something funny or old style but not modern please

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  • flyhy
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    Good Evening Sir .... Please let us know if you need any modification in our designs. If selected as winner of your contest , we will do further modifications , if desired by you , on any of the entries , that will be selected by you , in terms of the Color , Font , design etc. Hoping for a favorable response. With Best Regards !!!

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