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I tried to put in some meaning in the logo

Hi! PFA my design for the logo. Just thought if you are to have a logo, why not make it classy with a classy connotation sewn into the seams. ;) Explanation of the elements - - Human Face - Representing that the firm has to do with the human aspect of the organsiation. - Four different colours - Representing the diversity in the organisation that makes up for the culture of the organisation. It also shows that these colours together make up for the unique identity of your clients. - Lighthouse - As has been correctly identified by the previous designer as a mark of leadership. My design specifically has the lighthouse's light emitting through the eyes of the human showing that it is directing him to the right path. I hope you like it. Colours etc can be changed. The font used was made by a fellow designer. I will give you the font file as well when sharing the design to make it easy for you to maintain a standard identity in the future.

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