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Advertising Images

I have made the edit. Please let me know if you have still any changes, like the size of the ads. Thank you.

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  • Badbeat3s
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    • 2 kuukautta sitten

    Thank you. The Uncle Sam one looks great. Just a few other minor changes.

    1 - Can you edit the top one to make the word "clubs" closer together? I like the way everything else on it looks.

    2 - On the bottom one can we eliminate the word"golf" altogether. So it just says "It's Not You, It's the Clubs!" And possibly lighten the background picture some to see the golf clubs better. Also can we swap that current logo for the round one I have and have it fill in the right side. (Blow it up way larger.)

    Thank you!!!

    • 2 kuukautta sitten