Freelancer: Kedarvishnoliya
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30 min Video Interview

Hello, I am applying for the job of Video Editing as seen Description. I believe the skills and experience I have to offer in this respect will prove to be of considerable benefit to Video Editing. The experience and skills I have to offer Animations: – I hold a Multimedia and Animation degree gained at Arena Animation in 2016. – I have experience in working in animation gained at BTS NEWS-TV where I worked for 2 years and worked for 2 years in prime vision design studio. – I have considerable experience of liaising with clients to develop animation sequences from the client’s concepts. – I am familiar with creating Animation depicting the script and narrative. – I understand the importance of working as a job and liaising with clients, or other professionals providing peripheral materials important to the production. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering me for this job, and I look forward to the chance to expand on my qualifications, experience and

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