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Diversity Tower- In its final form ;)

Hey there! I liked the general concept of your tower, especially the separate red point thing (really cool btw) So I played around with it in sketchup for a while, giving a second point (which i think compliments the one you made) and did this cool/weird twist motion to the top of it, before I took it into lumion and worked on textures/materials for a little bit. I gave you two options for the main material of the tower (with the same views of course) to give a little flexibility in the project. I think you will really like this, and I hope all the extra time I put in this project will help me be successful in winning. Wish me luck :) Thank you!

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  • dzambrano85
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    Hey Robert- I really appreciate the effort and time you put into this entry! The renderings are very sharp, and way above my skill set, which is exactly what I was looking for. I noticed that you put in a lot of effort, and (importantly) followed the instructions of adding the ribbon of windows, and you were among the few that did that. I also really like how you added some detail with the 2 spires, and the very interesting roof line! I would feel really happy awarding this to you and increasing the prize to $60 on a few conditions, that I hope you see favorable: 1. I would like to keep these original renderings. 2. I would also like to request to render the building in red brick, against the background that I provide. (I can send the photo separately, please allow a few days) 3. I would like the sketch up file you used to create the window ribbon. I hope that you will agree to the above, and again, thank you so much for your entry!

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    1. CallOfDutyPiano
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      Hey there Daniel! Thank you so much for your critique and I am so glad you liked the design changes I added. I put a lot of time into getting the ribbon window aspect right and adding everything else. I would be honored to be awarded this contest and will gladly work with you on fulfilling your desired conditions :) If I get to be awarded this project, I will gladly let you keep these original renderings, consider them yours! (I do want to keep them in my profile design portfolio however if that is alright with you) as well as sending you the sketchup file that I used (I am guessing through email?) and work with you on getting the extra renderings with the desired red brick. Sounds like a deal? :)

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