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Hi, i will do this for you in one day .But can you please clear some wordings written on the paper?

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  • petertanswell
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    Hi there - I understand that some of the writing on the image that I uploaded may not be all that easy to read - I do have the original and I have to admit that there are a few words that I am unable to interpret myself as it is not my hand writing. I will possibly have to go back to the person who did the timeline to clarify a few words etc. I accept that this may be required. With this being the case - I will accept a first draft and then send the draft along with the hand written original back to the person who pencilled the original - seek clarification on any words etc and then be able to send back any required updates. I trust that this clarifies things for people.

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    1. Haleefreelancer
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      Sure !! So if i make a random draft for you.Would you be able to accept?

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