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i've made some edits to make the design more fun & colorful , i wish u like it ... feedback will be so appreciated & helpful to make it better ... thanks

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  • IllusionG
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    hello , thanks for feedback it may really help
    i guess i understood u more but iam not sure that " do u need the map itself to be colored ?" , i see u want a design which is colorful but is there a specific harmony of colors do u like ? & iam not sure of what u mean about " flat design " , i read the link u gave to me but i just dont understand is the wrong thing about the screen that view the map ? & flat designs be better in designs which has many sections " tall sites " if u understand me do u like to add more sections or to give a section more place of view ? ,,, anyway iam with u till i give u the design u want & iam gonna to start a new design if u want not to edit this one ,, thanks ...

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  • Juhana76
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    Hi! I kind of like this, I notice that you have done what I have asked for, but there's big BUT what comes to goals of design of this service. Challange is fit together colored map, playfulness, harmony and modern touch of flat design with simplicity.

    Even this is colorful playful, its too noisy.

    Anyway, I see you have skills so I would recommend you to get look following slideshow:

    I may add some keywords to task: simplicity, flat design, harmony, playfulness, human

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