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Covert Cuisine business card

Hello Alison, this type is sofisticated and elegant but it doesn't have a bold option. So I made all the text proportionally bigger. I hope you can read it well and like it.Thanks

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  • alisonperizi
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    Hi Sele, I am going to award your entry as the winner however after looking into foil cards I have changed my mind and instead want to stick with black and white cards. Can you revise entry #43 and change it to a black and white colour scheme, I would also like to move the website address to the front of the business card and put it along the bottom (underneath the logo) in a larger size so it stands out. On the backside of the card with all of the contact details can you remove the bottom line (the one that belongs with the logo), can you increase the size of the font for the address, phone number & email address and centre all of the contact details in the middle of the business card? Thank you so much

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    1. Sele2
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      Hi Alison, it's ok, I'm working for you. I'll post it soon. Thank you

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