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Covert Cuisine business card

Second design changed, silver color

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  • alisonperizi
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 4 vuotta sitten

    Hi Sele2, thank you for your updated entries, this design is my favourite! I love all the colour options in this design, I forgot to include my email address in the contact details, would you be able to include: also my last name is spelt wrong on this card it should be: Perizi. On the back of the card would you be able to do a version in landscape format with the logo in the centre? Thank you

    • 4 vuotta sitten
    1. Sele2
      • 4 vuotta sitten

      Hi Alison, excuse me please for the mistake on your last name. I correct it and do this news changes in this option. Then, if you decide to choose another design or other option of this one, I'll correct it also. I'll post it soon. Thank you

      • 4 vuotta sitten