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Logo for a metal roofing and metal wal company. Thank you for any comment!

Kilpailutyö #101 kilpailussa Design of a Logo for a metal roofing and metal wal company

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  • lfor
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    Ok. I am doing.

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  • joela1
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    Your logo 101 is coming most close to that what the owner likes.
    We tried to adapt a little bit the logo. Have a look at following links:

    I am not a graphic designer. Basically we made the walls thinner and tried to change the colors.
    At the of the larger building is not perfect in my design. Can you bring your design closer to this example. Maybe you have some more ideas concerning colors etc. We also added Flaschnerei which is the German Name for such a company.
    We would need the logo for following scenarios:
    Letter, Business card, Car, flag (vertical), Homepage and maybe as a metal logo on the building.

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