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Second entry. It's not easy to get clean edges with web pictures. All buildings should be drawn by hand for best result. 50 x 28 mm at 1500 dpi = 2953 x 1654 pixels -that is the original size of texture. Enough for house brick. These images are resized 50%.

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  • ivemali
    • 8 vuotta sitten

    I have all buildings in high resolution in separate layers, so it is easy 5 minute job to move or resize them. I think it's the best to wait contest end and then to make revisions. If I won in contest, I plan to draw another 2 cities with few different looks and then we can do revisions on all 3.
    More important issue is can you print these images? I can't get any cleaner edges, maybe to sharp them little and work more with contrast/brightness and that can help 10-20%.

    • 8 vuotta sitten
  • jenupa
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    • 8 vuotta sitten

    Hi - This looks great. Could you try a version removing the building on the bottom, right hand corner?

    • 8 vuotta sitten