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Hi! This version includes a pitch checker at the top, along with a hole checker at the middle of the top plane. The further down the hole goes, the smaller the diameter of the bolt and the size are marked at the side. The bottom plane has a sharpening gauge of 60',115', and 130'. I think this is better printed with SLA as maximum efficiency can be achieved for the hole checker with transparent/translucent material. FDM is also possible, however, maybe with transparent filament. I tried to minimize the use of support for printing and material consumption. If you have any comments, feel free to give feedbacks! Thanks for your time

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    Hello, it is a very interesting shape! Wow! Could you sent an STL file we will try to print it in the transparent material.

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    1. qhaliffzuber
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      Hi, thank you for the feedbacks! I have sent the stl file, hope you have received it. Or would you rather I provide it to you through the chat? In that case, can you chat with me so that I can attach the file? Thank you so much!

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