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Lake Rev 2.0

Updated lake design as per your request.

Kilpailutyö #23 kilpailussa Design a Website Mockup for Sport Fish Junkies

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  • tprzada
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 5 vuotta sitten

    Also, the design is missing space for the following:
    Sections for near by :
    golf courses
    Bait and Tackle shops
    Fishing Charters
    Conservation Areas
    Each one of these section should have one featured value that shows the logo/picture and a 50 character description.
    Each of these may or may not be there. This could be done in a tabbed format but preferably not
    Each of the above sections has a call to action to Add

    Near the top there should be a section that displays 3-4 product images that are recommended.
    Section for nearby towns

    • 5 vuotta sitten
  • tprzada
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 5 vuotta sitten

    This is much better with the bigger map. I'm not really a fan of the legend as it feels too bulky. Can we do a legend that's more like the one on this page:

    The pike fish and muskie fish and those don't belong in the legend. What I meant by that was that we should display a picture and name of the fish with a head of "Fishing in Lake". The picture name combo would look something like it does on this page: . It would be just the picture and the name, without all the additional text.

    • 5 vuotta sitten