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Please let me know your feedback on it. Thanks, Abhijeet Desai

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  • ptocknell
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    • 4 vuotta sitten

    Wow. Great design. I have some questions:

    Could I see a single product page?

    Could you incorporate some account functions on the home page? Like a login form / newsletter sign-up and what about shopping cart? I don't see anything about the cart.

    How would you deliver product? Could you do a wordpress child theme? We are using "Digital Store" for Easy Digital Downloads. Is this possible?

    • 4 vuotta sitten
    1. abhij33td3sai
      • 4 vuotta sitten

      Hi CH,

      Glad to know that you liked the design. Answering your questions.

      1. Yes currently am working on the login form, shopping cart info display and newsletter sign up features in the home page.
      2. Yes I will come up with a single product page as well.
      3. How would you want to have the product? I can deliver you the layered psd's (design). Apart from that if you need anything else then please let me know.

      Abhijeet Desai

      • 4 vuotta sitten