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Ocean-Anarchy Shirt Design

Fairly simple layout, I went with only black and blue because 2 colors will save you money when printing the shirt, and it also keeps the design fairly simple. Let me know if you want anything changed, updated or revised!

Kilpailutyö #12 kilpailussa Design a T-Shirt for a Spear fishing Brand.

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  • SJMU
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 3 vuotta sitten

    the spear gun looks great, Anarchy needs to stand out more.

    • 3 vuotta sitten
    1. griegomariah
      • 3 vuotta sitten

      is there anything you want specifically done with the word Anarchy? Just so I have an idea of what your vision behind it is? :)

      • 3 vuotta sitten