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I hope this works!

I gave it my best shot for you! Good Luck and Godspeed! Brandee

Kilpailutyö #53 kilpailussa Design a T-Shirt for Live it 712 (worship is more than a song)

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  • liveit712
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    • 5 vuotta sitten

    Brandee, We are going to make this the winner if you can do one thing for us when you send the file. I need it in a png and jpeg file, 300 pixels and 6" wide. I also would like you to take the word humor out of the W and replace it with mercy. Let me know if you can do this and I will award you the winner. Thanks Greg

    • 5 vuotta sitten
    1. brandee75
      • 5 vuotta sitten

      Hi Greg! I can do all of that except exchange the words. I created the word cloud in another program that randomly populates the space. If I go back and exchange the words, then I can't guarantee the placement of all the existing words. I am so sorry!!!

      • 5 vuotta sitten