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    thank you for your work. it is really in the right direction, but not exactly what we are looking for. if you would provide a revision, that would be great. we've clarified our needs below:

    example of design style: http://www.socialgoodguides.com/

    1) content in four clear vertical sections: header; main body of proposal; site links and testimonial; footer
    2) white background with clear content, earth tones, and current clear looking font
    3) image in the lower right. of startup and entrepreneurship, a head with a lightbulb with idea
    4) heading clear on top with proposal title
    5) example of good design: http://www.socialgoodguides.com/

    also - your design had the best use of images so far, so let's try reorganizing the content layout and making some style adjustments and see if that works. also, you didn't include the site links/testimonial and footer

    • 4 vuotta sitten