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improved design

i've notice that the lower side of water tank image is a little bit ackward, i've make some improvement on that area, and additional monochromatic version.

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  • alalawis
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    my client need to try :
    make the tank close after remove the name
    need to work on the name on /or the tank
    he need some idea like smile or an eye

    some image to get the idea:

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    1. morizu
      • 5 vuotta sitten

      btw, kindly advice colour combination desired

      • 5 vuotta sitten
    2. alalawis
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      • 5 vuotta sitten

      i think the best way is make the tank close and add the name under or beside it and make the eye or smile in the name not the tank as for color the color you choose first is ok for know when we finish the logo we can see if the color needs to be changed

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