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if there's somthing that u don't like it , just tell me and i'll fix it

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    First off i'd like to thank you for your entry. I like the idea but it's not the exact look i'm going for i picture Jocky Joe as something similar to the "Highschool Jock" you know captain of the football team type cool guy maybe wearing a Letterman Jacket open w/o a shirt just a big muscular jock. Jim(GYM) Rat I love the idea you were goin with for him that's exacty what i pictured just a simple very muscular and defined type Rat wearing a string tank just like and maybe a weight belt and wrist wraps.. Barbell Bully i see a huge Red Bull very Aggressive and angry looking reminiscent of the "highschool bully'' wearing an ironic Bulls Jordan jersey 23, and for Dumbella Bee she's a female bumble bee wearing maybe the 80s workout tights and the big white socks i can send you examples of all the clothing if you send me your email..wish i could draw b/c i have a very distinct vision, lol

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