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Feedback would be highly appreciated. If you don't like anything, let me know, i'll revise it again. I can change the font's and colors according to your requirement. Thanks. Regards, SalmanGhouri

Kilpailutyö #10 kilpailussa Design a Logo for League of Legend team 'DRAW'

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  • Salmang
    • 3 vuotta sitten

    Actually i didn't worked on the fonts yet, i chose simple fonts just to show you how the logo looks like. Thanks for the feedback. Working on the fonts now. Which fonts would you prefer ? bold or thin ? Thanks

    • 3 vuotta sitten
  • IoNz
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 3 vuotta sitten

    Its an elegant design, im wondering if more could be done on the font, but im not sure if it will 'disrupt' the elegance.

    • 3 vuotta sitten