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Crisp, modern, typographic logo ...

This submission uses the acronym 'ECA' with each of the letters treated to represent different aspects of East Coast Air. The 'E' is in orange, representing heat, the 'C' uses the negative space representing the air itself and the 'A' represents cold and motion. This elegant, contemporary, vector identity works well on dark and light backgrounds, in black and white, is fully scalable and readable at all sizes. I'm happy to follow advice regarding changes to any aspect of the design. I trust this meets the brief and look forward to receiving feedback. Thank you for your time and consideration. Kind regards, Nicholas Halliday. HallidayBooks (UK).

Kilpailutyö #402 kilpailussa Design a Logo for East Coast Air conditioning & refrigeratiom

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  • Scott203
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 5 vuotta sitten

    Excellent job. A favorite. I'd like to see something added, slight.. but something. Maybe something mechanical. Keep the look crisp. Good luck

    • 5 vuotta sitten
    1. HallidayBooks
      • 5 vuotta sitten

      Thanks for the feedback. I'll have an update with you asap. Regards Nick

      • 5 vuotta sitten