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Please check on my design,

Please check on my design.. GIve a feedback and feel free for revising the design..Thanks :)

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  • ephdesign13
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    Ok Sir, Will get the revision now..Please wait

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  • chewyredding
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    I really like this design but can you make the following changes:
    • Change “Get Ready” to “get ready”
    • Add date of “Wed, August 10th” and move below the date along with change time to “5:30 to 8:00 p.m.” below “Come network and get ready for Aggie Football” text.
    • Move location of Local Pour up and below day and time removing “River Oaks” text leaving just logo and address of 1952 W Gray. I’ve added some additional images for Local Pour so feel free to use which one works best or just use text of “Local Pour” if it fits better with spacing.
    • Below location add phrase “Happy Hour Specials!”
    • This will push down the text of “There’s no pre-registration or cost to attend.”, “JUST SHOW UP!” and the box with “We will be raffling off a Gameday Polo and Dress!” which will be perfect. That will put the raffle box across the Maroon U logo which is the sponsor of those items.

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