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Chip for Xena Bena's Casino

Two different color concepts. Thank you.

Kilpailutyö #14 kilpailussa Design Poker Chips for my home Casino

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  • saddamkhan1919
    • 3 vuotta sitten

    designer is good but the owner is not good, first he tells i need a circle design, after that he says focus only inner circle no need whole design i will cut the inner circle and now he winner a whole design, is this a focus on inner circle.

    • 3 vuotta sitten
  • MIL80FX
    • 3 vuotta sitten

    Hi, yes, I can provide the chip with $1, $5 and $25 amounts too. :)

    • 3 vuotta sitten
  • ryandeamaral
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 3 vuotta sitten

    If I get nothing better in the next few hours this will be the winner. did you also make a $1 $5 $25 chips? want to make sure before I pick this as a winner. Thank you.

    • 3 vuotta sitten