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You can put a logo in place of network speed, 1) worked on the outer body 2) included blue light and symbols in the front 3) made more sturdy and easy to package 4) white color is given for a futuristic look. Thanks for the feedback really liked designing this.

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  • MilenkovicPetar
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    1. White looks better
    2. Not enough vents
    3. speed on top, we dont need it, its possible to create of cource but its an extra cost we dont need.
    4. LEDs i feel you just placed sticker, in real life they are glowin.

    Interesting concept so far, try rendering me good image so i can show it to my team.. On that render show us vents as well, no need 3 images all together, 1 is enough, from sides...

    I dont have some extra feedback for this work as i can't really see what would i change beside vents and those leds..

    • 2 kuukautta sitten