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Hi guroot, what do you think of something, like this? If you like it, I would continue according to your preferences. Please explain, what the little logos mean on the 1st screenshot attached by you. I am waiting for your feedback. Thanks, Viki

Kilpailutyö #1 kilpailussa Creation of two web page in psd format.

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  • PereViki
    • 5 vuotta sitten

    On the second image of this entry, you can see the first 4 fields... So, If you like the idea, then I continue working on it.
    I also used to build VBA applications in the past, so I would be happy to work on yours by my design.
    Please explain the little icons, because I don't get their meaning.
    I just do this, because it happened to me before, that the contest holder just deleted the contest I was working with without any answers, feedback, whatever... sorry :-)

    • 5 vuotta sitten
  • guroot
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 5 vuotta sitten

    Very nice template !! But where are the filelds ? (Nom, prénom...)
    Thanks for your submission

    • 5 vuotta sitten