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Clean, intuitive and friendly designs for 51Europe

I have a completed a demonstration of two variations on a new design for 51Europe. I wanted it to look clean, professional, be extensible and compatible (it works on smartphones and tablets, too), be easy to learn and for it to be a friendly environment. I have two variations. The first is brighter and the second is darker. Both are professional, but they convey different moods. I personally think the first one is more suitable. Here is a guided tour of the sites: . The sites themselves are at: and . This is also listed in the guided tour, along with functional links and the administration page tour (which is hidden at or and requires username and password asdf to login).

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  • alexcarlo1900
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    Hi javionics,
    Thanks for your entry and sorry for not answering earlier. Hae been facing multiple problems at the same time (technical and also I am traveling in Europe at the moment)
    I like what you have done. It is very easy to understand and I. Know you read what I wrote. Technically speaking, I do not have much comments. It's clear and fit with the requirements at that point. I could not check all your links yet but I will in the next 24 hours.

    My only concern is on the design part. My boss will probably mainly focus on that and I wanna make sure he gets the right idea about your work. He is not much focused on the technical aspects even though he knows what he wants.

    Could you add 3 or 4 screens with the home page (including the small links weirdo and qq, etc), the schools database research tool and testimonies database and a screen with the result of a research for schools ( country/field of study and ranking)

    In advance, thank you


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    1. javionics
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      Hi, Alex,

      Thank you for your kind response. I am not sure if I understood what you would like me to do correctly. I have taken a few more screenshots, but I cannot add them to this post, so here are the links:
      1) QQ/Weibo pop-up dialog (it's in the same window, so no new window is made):
      2) Home Page:
      3) Selecting the Schools and Universities Page:
      4) After clicking "France," this shows up in the Schools And Testimonies Page: (a blue outline appears when you move the mouse over the school, however the cursor is not displayed in this picture).

      I updated most of the links as well, so now they open a generic template page, that can be filled in with the information of your choosing. If there's anything else, please let me know.

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