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Best WordPress eCommerce frontend Layout Design

Dear Client, I Hope You are well. I checked your suggested website. And also I check your own website. Everything good now you want to change your frontend layout. I Have some awesome theme which is related to your site. Those themes are based on Wordpress. And Also I can integrate payment method on your website. and I add some extra pages like a blog, about, contact, portfolio, faq, shop page. There is more design on the shop page you can choose one of them. Also, I will design a 404 error page for you. I will add some more photo to see you those pages Everything is a simple and modern design. And If you need to customize anything I this theme this totally available for you. I hope you love this design and give me this opportunity to build up your website. This one is my last entry of your contest. If you want to know anything about this project then feel free to contact me. Emon Ahmed

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