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The award will be upto 15K INR. the design should

The award will be upto 15K INR. the design should be very very refreshing and look like as this is for idea, job sharing or a new creation. This should have 2 perspective: 1. for the job sharer 2. for the freelancer who will full fill the job Both should be able to register Create/View their profile See their profile/jobs/freelance work Design a good payment page that will will have a balance and buy option to add to their balance. This will only involve some coins/points that can be bought The design should be usable for development with new technologies like react/angular python etc. This should have HTML, CSS, React.js, DB and other supportable scripts. Paypal payment page. Also should be usable on Mobile/tabs & web browsers. Responsive . If I like the design I can pay upto to 15K

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