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hey here's my entry we could replace people in my drawing by people from your pdf point chin people or square jaw people or round chops people and a girl from each one or make them similiar to those you attached them in pdf WE COULD CHANGE IN THE TEXT itself without changing the idea or aim itself 1) to complete full prop it will take 3 weeks as soon as i start working on it and it'll cost you 200 $ #2 Proposal: Comic Book prototype to be completed by August 2021 (Compensation to be determined) i will complete the book before august and add details and edit as you wish #3 Prototype: To be used for fundraising to complete the book (Compensation to be determined) i attach an image of my first imagination we could discuss to add or remove another details togehter

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                                     kilpailussa                                         Create a comic book proposal from my non-fiction story idea.

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    hey i was nofified that you had left me a comment here is that true or an error from the system

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