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3D Animation - Night fisher

Please watch in fullscreen and HD (LINK BELOW↓). I hope you like it :) i work more than 30hs in this proyect (Model, texture, rigging, animation, render, composition, sound) Please give me feedback

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  • alissaknight
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    • 2 vuotta sitten

    THIS IS AWESOME!! We can work with this! Can you have him pull up the fishing pole and have a pair of shorts hanging at the end of the fishing pole? Also, can our logo come up out of the water and have water dripping from the bottom of it?

    • 2 vuotta sitten
    1. TMXDesigns
      • 2 vuotta sitten

      Hi, I'm really glad you like the design :D
      I tried to make an animation of pulling the rod, but I could not get an optimal result.
      I propose to put a sound to pull the rod to give the desired effect. and also make the logo out from under the water and dripping.
      I will try to add the short in the rod.
      Just one question, What do you mean with "the end of the fishing pole"? the wooden end or the end that is in the water?

      Really thanks for your prompt response.

      • 2 vuotta sitten