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New Logo

This is my funny, friendly and familiar type approach to the logo of your tournament, hope you like it!!

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  • denmancinelli
    • 5 kuukautta sitten

    Hi Andrew. Thanks for the comments. I'll take them in consideration to do it like you request it. I'm working on an alternative design, but that maintains the same concept.

    • 5 kuukautta sitten
  • Nightravyn
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 5 kuukautta sitten

    Hi Denisse. This entry is pretty good. I like the bit of styling you've applied to the "Mulligans" text, incorporating the bouncing ball across the letters with the hole being placed inside the S. I'd love to see a few more iterations of this or something similar, not sure what it's missing, but this one is a nice entry. Thank you.

    • 5 kuukautta sitten