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Sir, with all due respect. I am trying to interpret the best possible, the concept and idea that you try to give your company and be reflected in the logo, may not work, or not be to your liking, but that's what the feedbacks are for. But each of the proposals made, at least by me, were thought and based on those concepts previously offered by you and trying to keep the idea you liked at first. Readapting and adjusting according to your observation. I will exhaust the means to try to satisfy and complete some of the ideas that are emerging. Sincerely, I greet you, and await your new Feedback.

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  • georgenmassoud
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    • 1 kuukausi sitten

    Hi Hector, thank you for the submission. Logos are a tricky business. This logo looks more like a corporate identity than something for hotels. I really like your idea, but the execution is key.

    • 1 kuukausi sitten