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CCS Data Flow Diagram

Hello Here is the design ready for you. Please check and let me know your thought.. Thanks

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  • arelmahdi
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    Hi Aindrilla,

    Thanks for your entry. Just a few comments

    -could you remove the clips and create the design for a standard A4 size
    -the colors of SUDIA logo seems to be altered , could you keep the same colour scheme as the logo
    - component #1 should be a straight arrow to the CCS
    -component # 3 arrow is not very clear that it belongs to #3 . From Verification (#2) a summary report is produced ( #3 )and goes back to the Community Correspondents . This process should be clearer and what the arrows represent need to be easy to understand. Same for 4 &5

    Hope that helps.

    • 10 kuukautta sitten