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Its my creative art.

I would like to modify my design if you want.

Kilpailutyö #66 kilpailussa Brand-new business cards!

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  • richlandrecords
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    this looks really cool. please change Richland Records at the bottom of the card on the left to Richland Records LLC . On the right card (the back), please remove the RICHLAND RECORDS part of the logo so that it doesn't look so much like the front of the card . also consider changing the color orange to the color gold for the back of the card with all my persoal info). Thanks – great design !!

    • 3 vuotta sitten
    1. sixthsensebd
      • 3 vuotta sitten

      thank you sir for your nice feedback.Please check updated the business card design at entry #125 , #126 , #127 , #128 .

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