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Branding mockups for Pizza Factory

I really enjoyed participating in this contest to create mockups for branding a PIZZA FACTORY. Considering the Advertisement policies of a PIZZA Factory, I tried to figure out every suitable placements of PIZZA for your consideration. I've made a total of 40 individual mockups for your consideration even it was so expensive for me. I accepted this contest as a challenge since my daughter has also taken part to select the placements for creating mockups. PIZZA has always been her favorite choice which we are not presently being able to manage from "PIZZA IN" or "DOMINO'S" for her considering the present COVID-19 situation in our country. However, among those mockups 35 are prepared according to your preferable background theme and 5 of them are with black background as I wanted to see how those suit with your LOGO. And I could figure out the reason behind your decision. And, I appreciate your idea. Wish you all the best! Best Regards, Syed Iftekhar-Ur-Rahman

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