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Hotel Exterior

Hi, Here is my submission. I tried to come up with this idea, something bold, stylish and yet a little bit rustic. I tried to create an urban kind of look, on the corner area I was thinking to enhanced by using some striking material (copper/gold panels) on 2nd floor of the facilities floor, also the corner area from 3rd to the top I made a big opening glass window with some randomize vertical steel frame to allowed some natural lights but also to give the best view from the room inside, also here as you can see it could be the best place to put the branding for the hotel. On side elevation I allowed some big opening as well same look with the corner one the only different I put a cantilevered box (it could be a balcony or some outdoor facilities) on the middle of it (I'm not really sure about the function of this area actually, but I assumed it could be a mixed of facilities and bedrooms since it has the best view). The rest I just play with some random grooves and extruded plaster.

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