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Professional Native Male Arabic Voice Actor

Hello You need VO talent who speaks Arabic to work with you for 10 seconds script you provide. Be happy and comfortable, Your request is right here with me. I read your requirements, and I can perfectly do the job with 24 hours turnaround time as you wish. I'm a professional native Arabic voice-over artist in Fosha and Egyptian accents. I record in my home studio with professional equipment (vocal booth) to produce high-quality, synced, timed, edited voice-over recording, with breaths and pauses removed, with the best recording quality I can provide with the following parameters: bitrate at least mp3,128 KBS, sample rate 44100 Hz Mono or WAV, 44100 Hz, 16 bit, PCM. Remember that I provide a fast turnaround time within 24 hours of each source file (script) is provided. Watch My Demo, Reel: Don't be hesitated to ask for anything at any time I'm at your service. If all looks good, Just accept the offer and I will get started right away.

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    صوتك مميز جدا... إن شاء الله سنتعامل مع بعض قريبا في المستقبل عندما نحتاج لصوت ذكوري. أما في هذه المسابقة، فنحتاج لصوت أنثوي.

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    1. Okasha97
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      شكرا جزيلا على ذوقك الرفيع، سأكون بانتظارك وأتطلع للعمل معك في أقرب وقت ممكن بإذن الله.

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