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We need a logo for a beauty training school. The name is Beleza Academy We like logos that are more word focused, Quite simple instead of heaviliy Icon Focused - you can choose wheth...

939 $300 AUD Jul 28, 2021 1 viikko, 1 päivä Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

I am looking to grow my own study and productivity youtube channel so I am doing a lot of research. Most of this I am doing on my own but I do not know how to find out this info so I am...

15 $50 AUD Jul 27, 2021 1 viikko, 4 päivää Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

We are a startup company that is looking for artists that will be able to create original designs that we can sell on our e-commerce store. We are looking for designs that are trendy an...

170 $500 USD Jul 27, 2021 2 päivää, 2 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

Build me a Marketing promotion video for our Digital Product We need a promotional video with our product's information including voice explanation and some animation. Product Link: ht...

0 ₹1000 INR Jul 26, 2021 3 päivää, 20 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

We need a logo for a brand-new app called "WildFlower™" Attached file with rough sketch can be considered a starting point: WILD FLOWER - Larger font for WILD - Smaller fo...

403 $250 USD Jul 26, 2021 3 päivää, 7 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

The Bar is called " Next Door" the tag line is "Cocktail Club" It is an upscale elegant speakeasy bar that serves Raw bar and charcuterie. We want the logo to show that we are an upscal...

322 $100 USD Jul 26, 2021 3 päivää, 3 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

We are a Chimney and Fireplace company looking for someone to create unique and engaging videos and content to post on Facebook for our company. We are looking at hir...

33 $250 USD Jul 25, 2021 3 päivää Julkaise vastaava kilpailu

Hi Designer, We are looking for our Electric scooter a company logo. We want to launch our product world wide What we need from you? 1* Simple text 2* Icon We will give scores by 3 l...

3609 €200 EUR Jul 24, 2021 1 päivä, 17 tuntia Julkaise vastaava kilpailu