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Selling music without risking your work to be stolen?

kysynyt samkaz 15 helmikuuta, 2016

I produce music and sell it to clients. However, since I started at freelancer.com, the clients often want a preview of the song before they want to hire you. I went with it when I first started here, but my very first client lead me onto spending about 20+ hours on a track before disappearing and not responding. I don't know if he stole the idea but the possibility is there, since he got multiple previews sent to him.

Anyways. How do you prevent this from happening, and how do you musicians make a custom track for the customer and get paid for it without risking the customer just leaving you hanging? What I do is show them one of my previous works, but often they want to hear if you can create the track they have in mind before hiring you. Should they really feel entitled to this? I have recently used these "milestones", but people usually don't agree to paying 10% of the total for me to send them a short preview of the track.

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Illisia Adams
Illisia Adams
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I have learned the hard way that sometimes people can be quite dishonest and take your work without paying you. With this in mind, I recommend that you NEVER do the work before being Granted the Project. If they want a sample, give them a SAMPLE, by all means. For a sample, provide them with examples of your prior work, or do a quick creative brainstorm and record ten seconds of music for them. Only put the time and effort in if they ACTUALLY hire you.

It is also important that you note that once granted a Project, make sure that you set Milestones. Once Milestones are agreed by both parties, this gives both of you a right to "Dispute" later. (https://www.freelancer.com/dispute/disputeslist.php). So, if you are not paid for work that has clearly been completed, you can try for a full refund through the Dispute system.

I hope that this helps! :-)

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