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I would like to evaluate a project so I can make a budget

kysynyt RAMart.ca 10 huhtikuuta, 2017

I'm new to freelancer project creation, so for right now I'm evaluating the possibilities. The project might not comes right in production it depends on the viability of what I envision. First, I would like to know what is the average cost for what I'm asking for so I can start a budget. What I need is.
-A website with user database with social network and paypal connections
-The possibility for the website users to create group projects with shared amount of money from credit card or paypal.
-The possibility for me to have all rights and set sub-administrator rights to my employees.
-Preparing the codes for an eventual phone app.
-A fitting interface, color brand and logo.

Id also like to know, if possible, what kind of database this kind of project needs, how much it cost usually for setting and maintaining it.

Thank you very much.

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