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How do i protect myself from cheating employers?

kysynyt Soumyo Sengupta 8 kesäkuuta, 2016

My experience in freelancing world is now more than 4 years and i am still yet to figure out how do i protect myself and my profile from cheating employers, as this community is huge and competeion is very high client never agrees to pay any advance moreover they ask to use their development server . after work is partially or completely done they change their login passwords , donot communicate via chat and not even close the projects. currently i have 3 projects from my account where is get no communication from client, also when the project was awarded freelancer already deducted the project fee. I used to work via elance earlier and the cheat rate was lower there also they used to cut the project fee after the payment from client is done.I have lost more money on freelancer than i earned. But my question is how do i stop myself of getting robbed by cheat clients.

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My only advice is to take steps to limit your interactions with them. When looking for projects, I no longer bid if the product title and description are extremely short or vague, or if the employer's profile shows a sign-up date within the last couple days, they have not verified anything but email, and they have no completed projects (or only one or two but all these other warning signs are present).

They are just setting up new dummy accounts all the time, so I try to avoid any employer that looks like it's going to make ME look like a dummy.

I cannot yet speak to how to avoid "legitimate" employers who scam their freelancers. But I'm sorry it's happening to you.

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