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How do I deal with an uncommunicative client?

kysynyt Ms. Charito M. Montecillo 2 maaliskuuta, 2017

I am a new freelancer who joined this site a few weeks ago.
I was fortunate to have been awarded a project which I completed and promptly submitted to the client (who joined the site the same time I did, and has already made a deposit).
However - despite my continuous follow-up (via my Chat box) on the feedback of my work and the release of my payment - said client remains unresponsive. He doesn't reply to me, except for a couple of messages which were even unclear.
You see, this is my first project on this site, and I feel rather frustrated because I haven't been paid.
I have reached out to the support agents who have e-mailed this client, but still, he does not communicate.
I'd hate to resort to a dispute, considering that I am new on this site.
Has any one had this issue?
What would you suggest I do?

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