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Ciao, in order to improve performance of a website you need to understand what are the bottleneck of your webapplication. Usually performance depends on a very high number of factors. You can start analyze the code but sometimes it is not enough.
You can use free tools that can give you some rate i.e. https://www.uptrends.com/tools/website-speed-test and analyze those request that has a long wait time.
But let's start as developer looking to your code:
- Open a new fresh browser and clean all your cache.
- Open developer tools of the browser (usually using F12).
- In this developer tools go to the Network tab.
- Now on the browser url bar hit the url of your website and look an all single type of resources (js, css, api, image) to see the time to load.
- For all the methods that take a long time start making improvements: minimize stylesheet, minimize javascript, reduce number of calls, reduce size of images, remove duplicate call of api if not necessary, ...).

Repeat the above steps cleaning the network tab on every click inside your website.

Remember that one of the primary factor of the websites performance are:
- where your site is located and from which location your enduser navigate the site (i.e. my website is in europe, but my user are from US) usually you can deploy the site in multiple CDN (content delivery network) and find those CDN that are more near to your users.
- browser version and compatibility sometimes the website is built considering the compatibility with one browser and when it move to another browser your performance goes down.
Again making performance improvement requires usually a knowledge of your site but also skill on the web development pattern.

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