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What makes an excellent article?
Your requisite or a good article: Example below.
From the efforts of a lonely neighbour trying to brighten the community to the ignorant health conditions endangering hundreds of lives, every story that impacts human life and aims to uplift the society as we know it makes as good an article as any. We strive to cover green, healthy recipes,
tips, and lifestyle improvement advice, therefore, our science and technology section is not about big brands but the small creative innovations by the people and scientific discoveries. Musings, Books & Documentaries, and Art & Culture cover your thoughts, our reviews and happenings in the artistic as well as the cultural fabric of our societies. Our Editors do give your work a final check to help you improve the quality of your articles.
Format and Style
We understand that you have your style, and you would love to write your heart out when you sit down to ink your thoughts, and we would not want to hinder. We own your writing style just as open-heartedly you have owned The Portal. The content management system takes care of most of the formatting for us, however, some formatting guidelines are expected to keep the content in a harmonious flow.
    Bullets: 1st level bullets should be pointers rather than numeric.
            2nd level bullets should be roman numeric.
            3rd level bullets should be alphabetic.
    Headings: Your main heading goes into the title bar above the word composer. Our CMS automatically generates URLs based on these headings. Therefore, we recommend typing your heading before you start writing.
        1st level headings within the article should be bold.
        2nd level headings within the article should be bold and italicized.
We avoid using bullets or numbering with our headings unless it is a listicle article (e.g. Top 5 reasons to seek a better society). Kindly use numbers only. Select appropriate heading tags for your 1st level headlines and 2nd level; Heading (h2) and Heading 3 (h3) for 1st and 2nd level respectively.

Use the Toolbar Toggle button to view all toolbar options.
Quotes: Quotes are centred below the text and italicized.
English Locales: United Kingdom/United States
Word Count: We keep our pieces at a minimum 500 words unless it’s an image based piece. There is no maximum word limit.
Sources: Use the editor option to create a hyperlink for sources at the bottom of your article, (e.g.: Sources: The Portal) mention the original article when you post a rewrite. Use Heading 6 tag for source font size.
Images: Images used should be at least 640px by 340px. Use Google Search tools for images “labelled for re-use” and “re-use with modifications”.

Submission on TSO
Log in to Word and Visual Editor is an easy process following three easy steps. Follow the Log in URL and punch in User Name and Password provided by the Editorial team. Log in and hover to the left menu bar and click on Add New in the Posts menu.

Title or main headline will go into the Title area; note highlighted URL in the image below. You can add pictures from our gallery or upload new pictures using Add Media options. 

Next, you would have to select an appropriate category that best fits your articles; our Editors will review the category.

Search Engine Optimization starts with a good copy and good tagging your article with searchable terms; search engines would prioritize your article on the basis of your tags and keywords.

Lastly, using the Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) plugin, fill in keywords (tags and keywords can be same) copy the title in this plugin and write a 156 character description of what the readers will find in your article. When writing the Meta Description, remember that it should clearly address your main topic and why readers should take out time to read it. Our S.E.O experts will review these keywords and make necessary amendments.

Code of Ethics
Condoning to ethics is vital for our writers. We strive to bring peace and harmony to our societies. Thus, it is essential that we honour these ethics in full spirit. We believe in healthy citizen journalism and public respect, therefore, we strictly avoid the use of; vulgarity, obscene language, sensationalism, bias, and hate.
⦁    We believe in high standards of ethics and code of conduct, and we shall maintain these standards.
⦁    We believe in good sources and accurate information, they shall be used while writing an article may that it be a social issue, a healthy lifestyle improvement, the latest gadget or any other area. We hold your reviews, opinions and muses in high regard therefore, we have appropriate sections for such pieces. 
It’s a good practice to follow basic 5 Ws and an H (What, When, Where, Who, Why and How) journalism rule while crafting your articles.
⦁    We are concerned only with the facts; a suspect is only a suspect unless proven a criminal. People related to accused shall not be identified, and witnesses should be protected. Official reports and statements shall be used for crime stories.
⦁    We believe in harmony and humanity, therefore, prejudice towards race, colour, religion, sexual orientation must be avoided, and any such details shall only be included if highly relevant.
⦁    We believe in Freedom of Speech, basic human right to opinions and faiths, and social responsibility, therefore, we must not intimidate any individual, community or nationality. Intimidation can lead to serious communal riots and other disasters that must be avoided.
⦁    We believe in abiding the law therefore; our writers must make sure that they are not breaking their local laws or contempt. Material submitted must not break the Copyright, Privacy or Defamation laws, such material automatically becomes subject to removal from our website.
⦁    We believe in working within the judicial boundaries to serve the public's interest to work towards better societies and harmony across borders. Crime, Public Health and Safety, Fraudulent practices and inappropriate use of official designations is our prime concern.
⦁    We respect every individual's private life and do not publish details without prior consent. Twitter, Facebook and other social media posts set as "Public" may be embedded provided that they do not defame the individual. Photographs of groups and individuals in private settings must be captured with their consent or in the case of taken from a public forum must be published with sources.
⦁    We will add replies from individuals or companies involved in stories. Inaccuracies in published material are subject to rectification when reported to The Portal.
⦁    Identity of victims in Sexual Harassment cases and sex offences shall not be disclosed without justification or the victim's consent. Children must not be photographed or interviewed without their parent/guardian's consent.
Writing Tips
George Orwell’s six rules of writing:

1. Never use a metaphor, simile, or figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.
2. Never use a long word where a short one will do.
3. If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.
4. Never use the passive voice where you can use the active.
5. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.
6. Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.
Mark Twain’s treatment of sentences: “At times he may indulge himself with a long one, but he will make sure there are no folds in it, no vaguenesses, no parenthetical interruptions of its view as a whole; when he has done with it, it won't be a sea-serpent with half of its arches under the water; it will be a torch-light procession.”






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