How to Write a Project Description That Attracts Quality Bids

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Writing a clear and comprehensive project description is the first step to a successful project.

A detailed description helps freelancers assess your project and decide why they should bid. The project details should be clear so freelancers can create quality bids, which, in return, show you why they’re the right freelancer for the job.

tips for writing project description

Now that you’ve learned about the connection between project description and bids, follow these tips we have for you:

1. Introduce yourself or your company

This gives freelancers a background of what your business is and what you do. But keep it short! A one-liner introduction is better so you can quickly go to the more important points.

2. State the purpose of the project

Don’t just say “I need a website”, but also explain what you’ll use it for. Is the website meant to generate sales or community engagement? It would be easier for freelancers to work on a project they understand thoroughly.

3. Share the goal/s you want to achieve

This tells how you want the project to be like. Be as specific as possible. Do you want to have the most interactive website? Do you need a video or a carousel of exquisite product images on the homepage?

4. Give a deadline

A deadline allows freelancers to assess if they can work within your timeframe.

5. Add reminders or resources

Do you have a style guide? How much liberty are you willing to give to the freelancers in terms of the design? If you have pegs, include the website URLs or attach files for reference.

Need inspiration? Take a look at this project description and try to write your own version:

project description tips.png

When you’ve crafted that compelling description, see how it will draw quality bids from the best freelancers. Post your project today.


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