How To Dominate SEO With 47 Of The Hottest WordPress Plugins

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This article is aimed at showing you how to optimize your website by using the latest and hottest plugins.

There are several thousand WordPress plugins available both on, and outside WordPress. Working with the right plugins will do wonders in optimizing your page.

We have put together 47 plugins that are most sought after for search engine optimization.

1. Yoast

This is the first name you hear whenever WordPress plugins get mentioned. This plugin is important for focusing on keyword and editing meta description.

2. Google Analytics

Google analytics is crucial for boosting the performance of your site. It makes it easy and simple to connect MonsterInsight to your WordPress website.

3. All in One SEO pack

If you are not comfortable using Yoast, this plugin is an alternative that can work. It performs a similar function as Yoast, but the interface is just the major difference.

4. Broken Link Checker

You know it is necessary to have a solid link structure if you are into link building. With Broken Link Checker, your link building becomes easy to accomplish.

5. W3 Total Cache

The importance of this plugin is to boost your website speed. Top websites such as AT&T, MakeUseOf, and Mashable make use of this plugin.

6. All in One WordPress Security & Firewall

It could be so frustrating and demoralizing to wake up and find out your site has been hacked. This plugin offers security to your site.

7. Google XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps make it faster and effective for search engine robots to crawl your website. This plugin makes it easy to setup XML sitemaps.

8. SEO Ultimate

This plugin helps to boost extensive linking tools, 404 monitoring, author highlighting, and more.


This plugin is good for people who are not technical. It helps to tweak or develop codes extensively.

10. WP Social SEO Booster - Knowledge Graph Social Signals SEO

What this plugin does is make your site social media friendly. It helps to optimize your site for Twitter meta tags, Facebook Open Graph, etc.

11. All in One Rich Snippets

This plugin can add lots of value to your website. Rich Snippets helps in fine tuning your strategies, and this plugin makes it easy to create one.

12. SEO Internal Links

Just as the name sounds, this plugin is essential for managing your internal link structure.

13. Redirection

This plugin may look somewhat boring, but in the real sense, it isn't. It helps to manage redirects, from 301s to 404s.

14. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

 This is an important plugin most people have been making use of for a long time. It helps to show related posts to your website visitors.

15. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

You have to make your website mobile friendly, because the world is going mobile. This is what this plugin does for you.

16. Local Search SEO Contact Page

This plugin is needed to optimize your website so that it can show up in local search

17. Majestic SEO Dashboard Widget

Majestic SEO helps to optimize your dashboard. It makes it handy to view your data in graph form without leaving your dashboard.

18. SEO Optimized Image

SEO goes beyond keywords. This plugin helps you to optimize the image for easy search.

19. Social Metrics

Social Metrics helps to make your contents popular on social media platforms. It gives you details about the views from social media.

20. Most Shared Posts

This plugin is similar to Social Metrics in a way, but its focus is on posts. It shows you the number of shared posts.

21. Automatic SEO Links

Automatic SEO links help you to turn a phrase into a link.

22. Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin

This plugin helps in recovering wasted link benefits that may get caused by using Yoast or All in One SEO.

23. Simple URLs

This is crucial for any website owner. It helps you to manage, track, and create outbound links from a website

24. Sharebar

Sharebar includes a section on your website where visitors can easily share your contents with friends or other web users.

25. Autoptimize

This is a nice plugin for making your site light. It minifies codes to enable it to crawl faster, thus boosting the performance of your site.

26. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

Although it is nice to use plugins, if they don't get properly configured they can affect your website performance. P3 helps to analyze your plugins and check for any problem.

27. WP - Optimize

WP-Optimize helps you to clean your workspace to give your space a new life. This process helps you to work efficiently.

28. Greg's High Performance SEO

This is a useful SEO plugin you must have for your website. It helps to manage the head section of a page, edit the secondary description, and solve any duplicate content issues.

29. WP HTTP Compression

This plugin has to do with page size reduction. With this plugin, you can reduce the size of a page by about 80%. Doubt it? Try it and be amazed.

30. BJ Lazy Load

This is one of the best plugins to lay hands on. It stops plugins from activating unless when they are visible from the screen.

31. Imsanity

This is another great alternative for dealing with images. This plugin automatically resizes images.

32. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

This is a great way to reduce the weight of your site. This plugin can help you compress files to create more space.

33. Schema Makeup

You should already be using this plugin because it gives you SEO advantage.

34. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

This plugin helps you to add Nofollow features to your links.

35. LinkPatrol

This is a must-have plugin for both experts and beginners. It gives you control over your links in an expert manner.

36. SEOPressor

If you are looking for a plugin that will help you in tweaking your website, then this is what you need. It helps in link management and an on-page analysis.

37. WooCommerce - All in One SEO Pack

For people who use All in One SEO pack 9 (mentioned in #3), this extension helps you to integrate with woo-commerce.

38. Rankie

This plugin has a user-friendly interface that keeps track of your performance on the SERPs.

39. Premium SEO Pack

If you to get all your SEO needs in just one-shop, and you are willing to spend some few dollars, Premium SEO pack is the answer.

40. JetPack

Although this is a standard plugin in WordPress, JetPack offers some amazing functions like automatic social sharing, widget, and site stats.

41. Google XML Sitemap for Videos

Apart from the Google XML Sitemap plugin, you can also use this plugin just pages with videos.

42. Google XML Sitemap for Images

This is similar to XML for videos, but this time, it is for images.

43. BackupBuddy

This plugin is essential for backing up your WordPress installation, content, widget, plugins, and more.

44. The SEO Framework

The mission of this plugin is to give your content nice SEO value.

45. AMP for WC - Accelerated Mobile Pages

You need this plugin if you are using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

46. SO Hide SEO Bloat

For the people that use Yoast, you can use SO Hide SEO Bloat to reduce unwanted codes that come with Yoast.

47. Akismet

Millions of people use this plugin to reduce spam comments.

Are you getting confused because you feel these plugins are too much to start with? Don't worry. At first it would be challenging, but that's how it is when you do things the first time. Don’t worry about the number, because you can start with the general plugins like Yoast. With time, you can start trying out the others.

Do you use any other Wordpress plugin which you think might be worth mentioning in this article? Let us know in the comments below!

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