What You Need to Know About Bids and the Bidding Process

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You’ve just created your account on Freelancer.com to give the freelancing lifestyle a try. As of writing, there are approximately 20 million users on the platform. That’s massive, right? Millions of employers and freelancers on the platform work to create brilliant projects together.

You’re a newbie and you’re wondering how you can pit yourself against other freelancers who have established their profile and reputation well for quite a while now. It is through a good and well-written bid that you can convince employers to hire you for a project.

We compiled useful articles about bids and bidding in general, so make sure you bookmark this page for future reference.


The Freelancer.com Bid Ranking Guide

Our platform has ranking algorithm that gives scores to freelancers, which will determine their place in the bidlist, search, and directory. Ranking higher than other freelancers increases your chances of being awarded. Find out more about how you can improve your bid rank in this guide.

What Makes Up an Effective Bid

How do you make sure you have a bid that can attract employers to hire you? This blog shares some factors that make a bid that will impress employers.

For freelancers who will bid on a project for the first time, check out these helpful posts:

How to Craft a Compelling Bid

How should you address the employer? What should you be talking about on your proposal? Here’s a simple guide to help you out if you’re unsure of how you should be writing your bid.

Why Can’t I Bid on a Project

There are times when you can’t place a bid on projects. If this happens, don’t freak out. There are five possible reasons for you to know.

How to Upgrade a Bid

This is one way of getting the attention of the employer to notice your bid. You can Sponsor or Highlight it. Read this post to know how.

How to Retract a Bid

For times you’re thinking twice about a bid you just made, here’s how to cancel it.

How to Edit a Bid

Do you want to add a few details to your proposal? If you need to change a Proposed Milestone or you want to upgrade the bid you’ve just placed, read this post.

How to Change My Bid Amount for a Project

If you and the employer agreed on a new arrangement, you can still edit the amount of your bid after it has been accepted and the employer has awarded you the project.

When Will My Bids be Replenished

The number of bids you have in a month and how soon each used bid will be replenished both depend on your membership plan.

Bid early, wisely, and often. Find your next project.

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