What Metrics Should Bloggers Really Care About

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A noticeable spike in traffic and hundreds of engagement on social channels would delight any blogger. It’s like the world is giving you a pat on the back for publishing an excellent blog.

When you started blogging, you’ve searched about what will make your blog a huge success. Traffic to your site matters, yes. But what other metrics should you really care about?

If you’ve been blogging for quite a while, you should know what metrics to keep an eye on. Using Google Analytics helps you track the wins and losses of your site. Seeing which topics performed well lets you know where to put your effort into next time.

If you’re keeping track of these blogging metrics, it would be easier for you to fine-tune your strategies where needed.


Website Visitors

It’s vital to keep track of the number of people visiting your site. If the daily figures aren’t making you happy, there are many ways you can increase your daily traffic.

Know the basics of search engine optimization. Many of you could have been trying to avoid it, but if you’re serious about growing your blog, understand that SEO is a huge part of blogs that made it big.

Do your social media channels drive people to your site? Social media promotion is not just about gaining popularity. It also lets you know what your audience likes and their thoughts about your topic so you can understand better what will make them want to visit your blog.

Traffic Sources

Knowing where your traffic is coming from lets you determine which source to focus your promotion on heavily. How many people are going to your site from your weekly email newsletter? Is paid search an effective channel or should you focus on social media?

Page Depth

How many pages does one visitor check per session? Give your visitors many reasons to stay on your site by showing them other valuable content they can check out after reading one blog post.

Bounce Rate

When your title baits readers but then they realized the content does not discuss what your title says, that will cause them to exit your page and your site entirely. They’ll bounce as easily as the same way you’ve hooked them.

Traffic Location

Where are most of your visitors located? This metric is helpful if you want to start geo-targeted SEO. Broadly targeting a saturated niche could be draining for beginners. Try to focus on where the majority of your visitors are from.


Earning the trust of other sites will help you earn the trust of search engines. The key here is to publish original and high-quality blogs that other bloggers on your niche won’t think twice to link to. Even if your blog is relatively young, other bloggers can still link back to you if your content gives something fresh that their own readers would also appreciate.

If you’re blogging for business, hitting your targets for those metrics are not enough. If you blog to attract paying customers, then the metrics that show you’ve made money are extremely important.

Conversion Rate

Blogger-entrepreneur Yaro Starak claimed that conversion rate is the only one metric that matters if you’re blogging for business. Your goal is to convert visitors into subscribers and then some, if not all, into buyers. Return on investment should be clear because, according to Yaro, everything that you do to win a paying customer is an investment. Below is an example:

You’ve just created what can be considered as the ultimate Instagram guide for social entrepreneurs. You will launch this guide via a webinar, and registrants who will buy it will get a 25% discount off its original price. As expected, you will promote this on your blog and via a newsletter.

The only way to find out your ROI is to sell something. Yaro made a strong point when he said that those other metrics will gain meaning once you make sales. Whether you agree or disagree, let us know in the comment section below.

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