Untapped Ways To Monetize Your Writing Skills

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Writers will agree: as soon as you learn to jiggle the words and make them stand in your preferred order, you unleash the wonder world. Twenty-six letters set in various combinations can pave your way into a hundred of different professions related to writing, editing, proofreading, teaching or research.

Among options available there are quite few cool jobs that make a great story and bring you ton of fascination aside from money. Let’s see what the magic waves of writing gigs can wash upon your shores.


Top-level commercial Copywriting, a.k.a. Naming & Slogans

Don’t set for the 5-dollar orders from the jobs sites. A good naming brings brands big bucks. So go for the decent remuneration and deliver accordingly. Never send in just a few lines as a result. Compose a full-scale presentation. Put time and effort into picking the right font and background for the suggested names. If you’re familiar with Adobe suite, make several mockups to impress your client. It makes a huge difference.


Brand Journalism

For devoted content marketers, it’s a great field with huge potential. You should be good at writing stories and have an eye for the engaging details. Try reaching out to the brands by searching on Freelancer for "brand journalism" or "business writing". Write the right facts in an engaging way and turn a nothing-special company into a lifestyle partner for their target audience. It does feel good. Also, this job category has a high potential for a long-term commitment. It's perfect if you look for the stable sources of income.


Writing Workshops

Are you particularly good with the suspense stories or love letters? Share the skill! Of course, you need to be comfortable with teaching and working in groups. It will bring you good money as a result. But what’s more important, it lets you reflect on your own works through the students' experience. A great way to push your writing skills even further. And a nice change from the days spent one-on-one with your laptop, too.


Essays Writing

Get that back-to-school feeling by writing essays for the students in need. There are plenty jobs of this kind now all over the internet - Bid4papers is just one resource to mention. Good news is you can opt for any category (choose the one you feel most confident with). Also, this kind of writing is well paid, and more often than not you can choose your own pace. A great side income that lets you feel awesome about how smart you are.


Sexy Stories

Can you write something that makes other people blush? This hugely tapped area of content can bring a good money for the passionate writers. If you’re into trying, go to Amazon KDP - a self-publishing service - and start right away. Enjoyable writings will quickly grow you a community of grateful followers who’ll inspire you to write more. Even if you fail, you’ll still have a great deal of fun on the way.  


Listing Things

Are you into lists? Good news! You can now make money with it. Listverse will pay you $100 for a unique list of ten amazing things to your choice. The plank is quite high but the gig itself is exciting and lets you unleash your best knowledge to the world. The only trick here would be not to get too hooked to reading the other “top tens” from the page - you can spend hours there.


Local News

If classical journalism is your thing, suggest writing for your local newspaper. It is perfect for the journalism newbies and those who see themselves being a “real writer” someday. As this is exactly how a number of giants like Mark Twain, Sinclair Lewis, and Ernest Hemingway started.


As you dig deeper, you will find even more peculiar gigs. So choose what makes your fingers itch with inspiration, and go for it today. Or maybe you're writing your own book already? Do you believe it's the ultimate way to make money that every writer should aim for? 


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