Top Inspiration Sources for Creative Writers

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It's not uncommon for writers to feel as though creativity escapes their writing. It can get frustrating at times, and could even feel depressing. However, it should be remembered that creativity is something that is not defined solely by one's state of mind, waking hour, or external motivations. It is gradually inspired by a series of actions or stand-out routines one subscribes to. Writers may need only a spark of stimulus to fill them with the passion needed for creative composition.

Take a look at these top inspiration sources that you can use to fire up your creative juices:

  • Walk, hike, jump!
    Physical movement has been proven to boost creativity, as observed on people who exercise on a regular basis. A Stanford study found that creative output increases by an average of 60 percent when walking. A number of famous thinkers and innovators like Steve Jobs and Sigmund Freud have even been noted to swear by long walks to improve productivity and increase energy.
  • Go menial, go mindless.
    When in a rut, switch between mindless chores and mindful activities. Mechanical and repeated tasks promote creativity by activating the procedural memory of the brain, thus freeing higher levels of thinking and stimulating thought. This explains why a lot of Eureka! moments strike us while in the shower, while doing the laundry, or during long commutes.
  • Get schooled.
    Sometimes, all you need is a bit of mental exercise to spark up your neurons and create something that's out-of-the-box. Complex academic activities open up your mind to new possibilities and wider perspectives. You can try and learn a new language (there’s an app for that!). Go and enroll in creative writing, philosophy, logic, or a number of nonconventional courses online, like those found on Coursera, edX, or Udacity. Who knows, finishing a course might give you your big idea for a novel.
  • Walk the wok.
    While we can list endless ways for you to nourish your mind, it should be noted that a nourished body can also be one factor in maintaining a healthy line of creative work. Eat right, eat to write. It may seem tempting to work on an empty stomach, thanks to Sherlock Holmes’s endless habit of starvation and drug use. However, one’s brain wouldn’t work without fuel, which, in this case, means brain food or those rich in omega 3 fatty acids, glucose, fiber, and other nutrients.
  • Make music your muse.
    More than just supporting or boosting your overall mood, listening to music can be conducive for creative work. To a certain point, Einstein attributed his genius to a daily habit of musical practice. Music, with its capacity to lift your mood, has also been proven to facilitate cognitive function, which leads to a more creative and intuitive state of mind.

Looking at these, you’ll notice how the overall intent is to develop a holistic routine that leads to better neural functions, since creativity and insight are sure to follow. Jolt your mind out of its rut by doing things you otherwise wouldn’t bother with, since change always forces you to grow. In due time, creative functions are sure to be honed. With that, write on!


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